It’s Only January!

Yup, it’s official, we are already half way through January and I’ve already heard myself say “where has the time gone?!”  Am I the only one?  It’s only January!

If you’re like me over the past holiday season you made a significant dent in the world’s wine supply, threw your children’s schedules out the window, and still have Christmas decorations up.  Well I’m here to say not “where the time has gone” but instead “it really is only January”.

I live in a small house with children, pets, and of course my adoring husband.  We face challenges every day like just like your family – making sure our little people are clothed, fed, happy, healthy and aren’t shooting nerf guns at each others’ heads.  It’s hard, but it’s only January!

Each year I try to challenge myself and my family to try something new.  This year my challenge was to create a professional website that was user friendly and interactive with my clients and with that creating a blog.  So, it’s only January and I’ve created the site, kept my kids safe, and now have written my first blog.

Stay tuned for updates on my crazy family and I might even through in some market in sites!


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