COVID-19 What have you done for me??

Wow, if someone had told me 6 months ago when I watched the movie Contagion for the first time that it would actually come true - I would have laughed and said I could handle it.  Well, my family and I are handling it.  There are easy days and then not so easy days, but we are handling it.

So, the question is COVID-19 what have you done for me?  The obvious answer is spending more time with my not so tiny people.  These folks are supposed to be my most favourite people in the world, I would die for them.  Turns out spending every waking moment together listening to “I’m bord”, “what else can I eat?”, “why can’t I have friends over?” really does lead to day drinking.

COVID-19 what have you done for me?  I now have a brand-new office.  It’s super fancy, just like I’ve always wanted.  The fold out table is the nicest shade of pale (I know that’s not a real colour but I don’t actually know what colour this table is other then it is a pale shade of something) it is located in my living room against my bay window with exotic views of my neighbourhood.  No matter what time of day I sit down at my new desk, it is always cold and my previously mentioned not so little people don’t understand what office hours are!

COVID-19 what have you done for me?  You have deemed myself and my thousands of colleagues an essential service.  Although it is by no means business as usual, it does still have me introducing Buyer’s to their new homes and helping Seller’s pack up their old homes.  It has brought about the use of gloves, hand sanitizer, masks, booties, and wipes being added to my tool kit of everyday necessities.

COVID-19 what have you done for me?  You have made me thankful.  Thankful for my family, my home, my clients, my friends.  You have made me thankful because I know that you will pass, and this time will be history written into the history books for future generations to learn about.  To read about the moment in time where the whole world came together to practised social distancing, celebrated our first responders, and offered helping hands to neighbours that we previously had no connection with.

If you are reading this and find that you need a bit of help during this stressful time, please don’t hesitate to call, email, text me anytime.

Be safe, be smart, and know you have a friend if you need anything.


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“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”
― Kalu Ndukwe Kalu


I read this quote and instantly thought of this beautiful family I had and have the pleasure of working with.  It all started with a simple conversation at a mall kiosk that has now turned into years of friendship, mutual respect, and honestly, I find them simply inspirational.

Let’s call them Harry and Wanda – you know who you are!  I first met Harry a number of years ago when he approached me at my office’s mall kiosk.  I remember our first conversation as if it was yesterday.  He told me about how he and Wanda had worked hard through their lives and were able to purchase numerous homes side-by-side that their children and grandchildren now lived in.  We also spoke about the “knuckle heads” (Harry’s words not mine) that were on city council.  When the conversation was over, I thought to myself that I had just met someone special.

Shortly after our initial conversation, I met Wanda, toured their homes and did some research on their values.  I had the privilege of hearing all the story’s of when each home was purchased, the upgrades and changes they had made – most of which was done by their own hands - plus a ton of gossip about the previous owners, some neighbours, and the neighborhood! 

Over the next couple of years, we stayed in touch with quick pop-by’s and phone calls.  Getting updates on the growing family and even some parenting tips from Wanda.  The wisdom and story’s Harry and Wanda shared with me are not something that will be simply forgotten but the most amazing thing that I got to be apart of came next.

I received a phone call from Harry saying it was time to sell the homes and move on.  I know that this decision was not something that they made lightly and that there had to of been some careful considerations and plans made.  It was when I got to Wanda and Harry’s home with all the documents in hand that they shared their plans with me, and I was in aww while all their children were standing around.

The plan was to sell the homes and relocate, hopefully all together again, but with the proceeds of the sales help their children purchase their homes!  This would give their children some financial security at a time when the value of the housing market was increasing at such a pace that your home was worth more each and every day!

As someone who struck out on her own at a very earlier age, met the love of my life and started a family.  I found this very inspirational and helped me lay out the foundation to be able to try and do something similar for my own children.

Wanda and Harry, thank you for letting me be a part of your story!  And what a beautiful “farggin” story it is!

- Jennifer xoxo

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Work life balance.... What does work life balance even mean?  To me it means equal amounts of giving of myself and taking for myself.  Let me tell you, that is not an easy thing to realize and put into action.

My personality is such that I help others and put myself last and why wouldn't I.  I am a wife to an adoring husband (truely the love of my life!!), mother of 4 active children, and I run a successful customer service-based business.  Don’t get me wrong, if given a choice I would never change any of that, but there is a time in everyone's life when you look in the mirror and just simply don't like what you are seeing.  That moment happened to me a few months ago and I knew I had to make some changes.

So, fast forward to the present and here are some of the things I’ve realized, implemented and now have achieved.

For me the most important thing is if it’s not in my calendar then it’s not getting done!  So that means I have to say NO sometimes (Yuck!).  Every week I sit down with my to do list and start scheduleing.  First all the tiny people's events, basketball, soccer, running, birthday party’s – whatever go into the calendar.  Second is my time (I've moved this up from the bottom of the list!!), I commit to when I’m going to go to the gym (remember I took up boxing a few months ago!) and when I’m going for all 3 of my weekly runs.  Then I determine if I’m going to treat myself to a nail appointment or get my hair cut and add that, from there I add all my business appointments - showings with my happy buyers, market evaluations for my soon to be home sellers, lunch and coffee dates with past, present, and future clients and interview new vendors (lawyer's, notary's, home inspectors, contractors, the list goes on!)

The result of being able to sustain this balance has truly enriched my life.  My personal and professional lives are happier, healthier, and overall better!  

"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.” ―First Lady Michelle Obama

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Like so many people that I know, I don’t like change.  I don’t like it when the summer heat turns into falls cool nights and winter’s freezing days.  I don’t like it when my laptop tells me I need to do an upgrade because to me that means everything I need, and use will be put in a different spot and I’ll have to find it.  I don’t like it when my children tell me last minute that my perfectly planned schedule for the day needs to be disrupted so that I can go get them items for their potluck at school they forgot to tell me about.

Since I know that I don’t like change, but it’s a fact of life, it’s how I choose to adapt and implement the changes that happen that help me achieve the work life balance I so need and crave!

Professionally just over two weeks ago I was thrown a curve ball that forced me to change my entire business plan.  For someone who doesn’t like change just imagine the impact this could have had.  I could have chosen to shut down, cry, be depressed about it.  Instead I implemented a course of action that will make my business stronger with lessons learned.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a robot, I did have a couple sleepless nights and uncertainty, but it was also these sleepless nights and uncertainty that helped build me back up.  As a result, Team Roycroft has been busy helping happy clients achieve their real estate goals!

I absolutely love what I do!

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”  ~ Walt Disney

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One word that can change your attitude, decision making, feelings, and so much more.  We are in a time when celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Adele, and Johnny Depp are using their platforms to talk about being kind and doing acts of kindness.  School District 43 regularly encourages its students to perform random acts of kindness – they were even featured on the evening news for delivering carnations to workers in the local business in Port Coquitlam!

So, when I found myself trying to put a deal together with an agent who was less than kind, I think to myself, there is no excuse for this behaviour!  If our younger generation has learned how to respect each other, communicate with each other, and how to lend a helping hand – BE KIND.  How did this full-grown mature adult miss this lesson?  Is it ignorance?  Is it stubbornness?  Or did they just wake up on the wrong side of the bed that day?  Who knows, at the end of the day one of the best parts about my business is that each and every agent has the ability to run their business anyway they’d like and I choose to run mine with Kindness, mutual respect, honesty, and fearlessness.

So with that I would like to thank all my wonderful clients again for choosing to work with me and continually referring all your family, friends, co-workers, service people, the clerk at the gas station, the plumber who made an emergency visit in the middle of the night to shut off your main water supply and everyone else you come into contact with.

Kindness is what helps build relationships!



“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”  ~Walt Disney

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Day to day life as a Real Estate Agent is never the same 9-5 schedule, even if you set your calendar up to show that it is.  The encounters, discussions, and lessons learned are what keep each day an adventure.

One such encounter that happened to me started with a phone call from a prominent Buyer’s agent.  The agent called me to say that his clients had been to my open house at ABC Street the past weekend and they were in the process of writing an offer.  This is the call that every agent waits for!!  So, game on!  The agent and I discuss a few details about the home and then he tells me he will be sending the offer shortly.  This is fantastic, I’m excited for my clients.  I call my clients to set up an appointment to review the offer, all is good.  Or so you’d think.  An hour goes by, then two.  I’ve emailed, called and texted the agent with no response.  The next morning, I get an email that states “I’m so sorry, I was just about to send you the offer when I realized that my clients were talking about a different home.  If our offer to them doesn’t work out, we will circle back to you.”

Well sure laugh now because you can’t make this story up, but my excited clients thinking they were getting an offer weren’t laughing.  Lesson learned, ask any potential Buyer’s agents to check with their clients and verify “is this the right house?  The one at ABC 123 Street?” before picking up the phone to advise an offer is on the way.



“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”  ~Walt Disney

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So with the new year came some goals, as my January post stated, one of those goals was writing and maintaining this Blog.  Well that didn’t happen!!  But as with anything in life, I’m willing, able, and wanting to give it another shot.

It’s now October and it’s amazing how many things have changed since my first post, both professionally and personally.  Professionally I took a giant leap and created Team Roycroft, with the addition of Anna Dunbar as my buyer’s agent.  She has been amazing!  Her positive attitude and eagerness to help our clients really solidified my choice in growing into a team.  We have first hand knowledge of the ever changing market and which area’s were hit most by the government interventions and which markets have been the quickest to start to stabilize.  We also moved into a larger office – it even has a window!!!  It really is amazing how much having a window impacts how much paperwork I can now get done.

Personally, I now have an almost full grown man (he would hate it knowing that I just wrote that!) who is graduating from high school this year.  This alone feels crazy to me, especially since my little guy is just starting out in grade 1.  Then there’s my girls who are inspiring me as they are growing into independent young women who are taking on the world!  My big guy, he’s started on our forever talked about renovations.  I really don’t know why I tell clients if you are doing major reno’s it’s probably best to find some where you can stay while they are being done but thought that my family would be different and we could live in the house while it’s in pieces!  We have really only done the prep work so far and I’m already going crazy.  Finally, there’s me, since the big 40 happened this year I challenged myself to take better care of me and actually mean it.  With that I’ve started boxing, yes my gloves might be pink but I assure you I know exactly how to use them, and I’m running again.  I’m starting to feel like I did before I had babies!!  I know that sounds crazy but it’s true.

Well with that I am re-committing to maintaining this Blog and I hope that you follow along with us on this crazy roller coaster of work life balance that I’m still trying to achieve

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It's going to be a busy weekend! We are excited to be hosing open houses at TWO of our new listings!


Saturday March 9th & Sunday March 10th 2-4pm both days.

#703-1185 Quayside Dr, New Westminster

1 bedroom & den unit for photos and details please click here.


Saturday March 9th & Sunday March 10th 2-4pm both days.

#305-13733 74th Ave, Surrey

2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms, for photos and details please click here.

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It’s Only January!

Yup, it’s official, we are already half way through January and I’ve already heard myself say “where has the time gone?!”  Am I the only one?  It’s only January!

If you’re like me over the past holiday season you made a significant dent in the world’s wine supply, threw your children’s schedules out the window, and still have Christmas decorations up.  Well I’m here to say not “where the time has gone” but instead “it really is only January”.

I live in a small house with children, pets, and of course my adoring husband.  We face challenges every day like just like your family – making sure our little people are clothed, fed, happy, healthy and aren’t shooting nerf guns at each others’ heads.  It’s hard, but it’s only January!

Each year I try to challenge myself and my family to try something new.  This year my challenge was to create a professional website that was user friendly and interactive with my clients and with that creating a blog.  So, it’s only January and I’ve created the site, kept my kids safe, and now have written my first blog.

Stay tuned for updates on my crazy family and I might even through in some market in sites!


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